Addiction can lead you down a path where you feel there is no hope. My treatment approach is to start with compassion and show you how to build resiliency. Helping you take back your life, and developing skills to learn how to heal from the pain and grief of addiction, will be a goal we accomplish together. I draw from a variety of models and approaches to personalize each treatment plan: 12 step education, Seeking Safety, mindfulness, meditation, building self esteem, Narrative Therapy/rewriting your story, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Couples & Family

My training and experience with couples therapy and family therapy enables me to create safe atmospheres to learn healthy communication and tools for building trust. As a team we will develop your ability to have healthy intimacy and connection in your relationships, while healing from hurt that has affected the relationship or family system. I have seen successful transformation when we focus on 3 areas of change: healthy communication, building trust and safety, and increasing fun and a sense of humor.

Grief & Spirituality

Grief comes from many events, big or small, and no matter the form, I will work with you on developing skills for healing. Grief and spirituality are both very personal and often don’t fit the culturally defined ideas, nor do they need to. Our focus will often be on connecting to your personal higher power, processing shame and guilt, and using CBT-based exercises to challenge unhelpful thinking patterns.